誰も助けられない by 走失人形 on pixiv

chandrani doesn’t really wear lolita but i just couldn’t resist the chance to make some celestial print. it was painful. i am so done but she deserves the best bc shes a princess

Aug 11, 2014 18:51 (223/365)

pastelrainbowflag answered: How about Nettine as a broken doll and Josephine as her puppet master? Piper as Trixie and Clementine as Minnie. c:

drawing from my livestream just now, I just could not resist the opportunity to draw Nettine and Josie as doll and puppet master!!! ; 7 ; josephine would never sneak her finger under Nettines strap like that but lets just. imagine for a second that she would. for the fangirls. for me. i am the fangirl. darn
THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY LIVESTREAM and thanks for the suggestion <3

I do not post much about archery these days, but here is a picture of my bow (from a couple months ago), because I have just realized I have not posted any since I got my Win&Win Rapido limbs and my bow stand …On last Sunday, I slightly moved my v-bar away from the riser and added another weight to the long rod. The balance is so much better this way !
Now I really need to practice shooting on the bottom target. I have had 6 arrows fall off the arrow rest and end up in the wall since I started practicing this a week ago… But at least I can’t do much worse, can I.