Melty Ribbon Chocolate by Angelic pretty
This is the left half of what should have been my final entry for passerineart's contest. Her character Tiri was on the right but she had a really awkward pose so, since I don't really have to, I'm not showing it.I didn't enter in the end for of a certain number of reasons (sorry), but I had great fun working on my magical girl form's design and trying to imagine the relationship I/she would have with passerineart's characters.While I am still not sure what I think about this drawing (or the design of the bow) I definitely love the outfit. I might use it for something else, actually.
You have a really lovely traditional art style! 💖

Thank you very much ! ♡


Happy World Cat Day

“Marigold” wallpaper design, William Morris, 1875
Some sort of test for a new character. Yes that is a quiver in her back.
This is the first time I ever read SAI tutorials, and it really does help. I’m still nowhere near what I’d call a good level at digital art, but this is much better than what I’m used to doing, so I am rather happy with it.