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At least it’s a good group

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I have not been on tumblr at all during last week because my Inernet was not working.
Since the last time I posted, I have started practicing outdoors, and have already experienced shooting in strong wind, rain, and bright sun (which was right into my face. Being a leftie isn’t fun).
I’m also pulling my new 26 lbs (closer to 25, actually) with much more ease and I’m not too tired even after about 2 hours and a half of practice, which is a relief. I wish the few archers I’d been talking to had found a less scary way of saying “be careful” than to tell me about everyone they know who have gotten their shoulder injured by increasing their bow’s poundage too quickly, haha.





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I had to increase my bow’s poundage on last Wednesday. I used to be pulling 22 lbs, and I will now be pulling 26 lbs, because they didn’t have any spare 24 lbs limbs at the club. I know you’re not supposed to increase your draw weight by any more than 2 lbs at a time, so I’m rather worried I might get injured. I’ve been asking for some advice from more experienced archers today, and I’ve mainly been told to be very careful and rest whenever I feel like I need to. Which I’m definitely going to do.

I would really like to get some more advice though. What do you do in order to get used to a higher draw weight ?

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Felicity Gilbert by Sølve Sundsbø

Felicity Gilbert by Sølve Sundsbø

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